A current GEHS band member's parent recently asked me if I had any memories of when our two boys (and our three nephews) were in the Spartan band. My answer is... this website! 

1986 - James Bond Show -- Band Camp & Rehearsals

Many of the parents traveled with and followed the band like proud "groupies" -- we had our own cheers, banners, flags, etc. This video is poor quality, but the memories are still in HD. This Bond show featured our nephew, Kevin Carr, playing "Nobody Does It Better." He marched beside younger brother Chad -- also amazing on trumpet. This gives a great idea of how an idea for a show begins to take shape at band camp, then evolves after hours of sweat and rehearsal into an award-winning show. 

Bond: The Show

This shows how all of that rehearsal paid off, and you can get an idea of the 'fans' that followed the band wherever they went. Listen for our best cheer: "East! East! East! East!" 

East at Macy's Parade in New York City

Gary and I didn't get to make this trip, so the video has been borrowed from others and spliced together, plus TV coverage. **Note: includes an early morning visit by Channel 6 news as Kevin and Chad prepare for the journey to New York. (Does anyone know what happened to Bob Knowles? My, my, my, he certainly was..uh, well spoken.) 

1987 Appreciation Field Show

You'll see young band Groupie Dave Williams, and Charles Carnie thanking parents and announcing the Macy's trip, Jeff Bryant at his finest -- and of course, the band!! 

1989 Show

The video on all of these is not great, but I think it will still bring back some fond memories. 

Percussion Competition at Morehead University in Kentucky

Chris, Darren and the East percussion in a competition at Morehead in Kentucky. 

Disney World and the Orange Bowl

This video is really long, but it has so many fun memories on it. Enjoy! 

Lord of the Rings -- Time for Chris and Dave to Shine

I had forgotten just how good these guys were, Chris on percussion and Dave twirling that Contra! He didn't drop it once (to our knowledge). This is a long video as well, but includes band camp to performance at Marching Bands of America of "Lord of the Rings."